We build
modern web &
mobile apps

We love mobile and we love Javascript! We are focusing on mobile application development for iOS and Android with React Native. We are working on the new version of our website... Please contact us for more information on our services.

About Antidot Inc. We give you results

Antidot Canada was founded in 2006 as a spin-off of Antidot Belgium (founded in 1999). We have a long LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) experience but decided to focus on JavaScript only in 2015.

We love technology, but we love result even more. Our goal delivering working applications. We understand business, and we understand technology has to serve business and customers needs.

Feasibility study

We will help you define the technical aspects of your app based on your business needs and budget. We will do our best to predict potential problems before they occur. We do not take risks and will not make promises if we can not keep them.

Frontend development

We use modern web technologies such as React and Angular to bring you the best user experience for your complex web project.

Mobile development

We use React Native for the development of your cross platform iOS & Android application. Maintenance will be a breeze too as we usually reach about 98% of shared code between iOS and Android. Some examples of our projects will be posted here soon.

Backend development

We are coming from the backend using LAMP technologies. We are now focused 100% on node.js backend, JSON APIs and socket.io. As for the database, we focus on MongoDB: JS oriented and "Big Data ready".